For several years, British sculptor Jeff Lowe (b. 1952) has worked on small, unique woodblock monoprints in his studio. When he started his latest sculpture series entitled In The Close Distance in 2019, it became clear to him that “the overlapping elements, colour, layering and seeing through cut outs into the sculptures, was close to those of screen printing”. And so, in October that year, Lowe went to work with Kip Gresham and Alan Grabham at The Cambridge Print Studio, a publisher of original artists’ prints who have collaborated with artists such as Barry Flanagan, Anthony Gormley, Peter Blake and Terry Frost amongst others. Lowe’s first three days at the Studio proved intensive with over 50 works being produced. But the art of printmaking is catching and Lowe, ever the virtuoso experimenter, has continued to collaborate with Gresham and Grabham over the past two years.

The result of this fruitful partnership is a small number of unique carefully engineered yet playful works. Though closely informed by his sculptures, Lowe’s mono and screenprints should not be read as studies for the latter, but as “equivalent to the sculptures.” Each individual composition, with its interplay of overlapping translucent and opaque layers across rich, vibrant colours in varying shapes and sizes, are very much independent works. The resulting collage-like structures are “more like objects than pictures”; complex, but imbued with a sense of weightlessness, even in the more compact designs. Some nod to Lowe’s sculptural and artistic influences such as the work of Henry Moore (Henry’s Shadow, 2020), whilst others suggest illusions of architecture: “like interiors, as if the space between could be walked through” (Floating Flats, 2020). And through these sophisticated, illusionistic compositions Lowe achieves his goal: striking works which are both optimistic and uplifting.

Whitford Fine Art are proud to present a selection of Lowe’s unique mono and screenprints from the In The Close Distance (2019), Henry’s Shadow (2020), Act (2020), Floating Flats (2020), Proscenium (2021) and A Closer Distance (2021) series and limited edition screen print Cambridge Blue (2020).


All measurements are paper size

All works are sold unframed