Born in London in 1930, Peter Sedgley began painting while he was studying architecture and building work from 1944-1963. His job as an architect was to be part of rebuilding post-war Britain, but he resigned in protest against recreation instead of innovation.


When he turned to art, Sedgley initially turned to frottage, which he quickly abandoned due to its lack of potential for the development that he desired. After reading Goethe and Klee, and befriending Bridget Riley, Sedgley became interested in colour. In 1968, Sedgley, alonside Riley and Peter Townsend, set up SPACE, whilst Sedgley started using shaped canvases. His series of 'Target' paintings featured soft colours, painted in circles in soft-edged spray, which Sedgley believes to be a neutral shape which encourages the audience to see colour instead of shape.


Sedgely is recognised as a pioneer of minetic and luminescent technology within the arts, having continually explored the optical properties of colour, light and motion throughout his career. His focus on the illusionory effects that result from directing or predetermining these properties and controlling their interaction, results in work that can often produce calming, disorienting or hypnotic sensations.