Pop Art Heroes

Pop, Pin-Ups & Politics
Pop Art Heroes: Pop, Pin-Ups & Politics
Publisher: Whitford Fine Art
Dimensions: 29 x 22 cm
Pages: 72
£ 20.00

The present catalogue is an anthology composed by the very pioneers of British Pop Art. As such it endeavours to revive the original spirit of 1960's movement through each artist's individuality. The texts are drawn from a short questionnaire sent to all living artists including: Clive Barker, Peter Blake, Derek Boshier, Anthony Donaldson, Allen Jones, Peter Phillips, Colin Self and Joe Tilson. The questions touched on the particular year the works presented here were made, the general mood of that year and the mood of the artist, each artist's interaction with other artists, the level of influence of America, and their view on the term Pop Art. The editing of each unique response to these work-specific questions was kept to a minimum, to offer the reader the experience of a true informal encounter with each artist at the time they made the work presented in this catalogue. For those pioneers who are no longer with us, such as Pauline Boty, Patrick Caulfield, Adrian Henri and Gerald Laing, known contemporary sources and interviews were consulted and quoted.


An Jo Fermon



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