Caziel - Catalogue Raisonné

Dorota Monkiewicz, 1998
Caziel - Catalogue Raisonné
Publisher: National Museum, Warsaw
Dimensions: 27 x 20 cm
ISBN: 83-7100-171-1
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1998 marked the tenth anniversary of the death of Caziel, and artist who, in Poland, is known only by specialists and only from and handful of his works. It is the desire of the National Museum in Warsaw to bring this distinguished Polish painter working in France and, subsequently, in England, closer to the Polish public. The creative activity of Kazimierz Zielenkiewicz (Caziel) grew out of the artistic circles of pre-war Warsaw. The artist was trained at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Prof. Tadeusz Pruszkowski. Caziel left Warsaw for what was intended as a temporary stay in Paris associated with the completion of his studies, never to return.

Before the war, Caziel made the acquaintance of Prof. Stanislaw Lorentz, the Director of the National Museum of Warsaw. Caziel took a strong interest in the affair of the Museum; among his notes written during the German occupation in Aix-en-Provence are records of discussions regarding the future, post-war furnishing of the Museum as well as the artist's ideas for its exhibition and gallery programmes. Caziel continued to correspond with Prof. Lorentz for the rest of the artist's life; it is to these contacts that the Museum owe the sizable collection of 22 pieces, ten of which have been given to the Museum by the Hon. Mrs Caziel Zielenkiewicz in 1990, as stipulated by the artist's will. It is for all of these reasons that the National Museum of Warsaw feels entitled to organise the first Polish retrospective of Caziel's works. 

Ferdynand B. Ruzczyc - Director of the National Museum in Warsaw, 1998

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