Caziel: Paintings 1963 - 1967

Lacerated Rhythms
Caziel: Paintings 1963 - 1967: Lacerated Rhythms
Publisher: Whitford Fine Art
Dimensions: 28.5 x 21.5 cm
Pages: 48
ISBN-13: 978-78-1-996595
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This catalogue was made in conjunction with a major exhibition of  previousely unseen 1960s abstract works by Caziel.


Caziel’s paintings dating 1963-1967 demonstrate an exciting development in his research into Abstraction during his last years in France, before moving to Somerset, UK. With these works Caziel believed that, as Picasso and Braque did when they invented Cubism, he was reaching for a higher order of reality, a new perspective, which hinted at the spiritual in a search for the fourth dimension.


Previously, in 1951, Caziel had joined the ‘Groupe Espace’. At that time, the legendary art dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler had invited Caziel to join his stable of figurative artists headed by Picasso, assuming that Caziel’s abstract work was an experiment. Caziel declined the offer with the auspicious words ‘Non, je suis abstrait’ – No, I am abstract.


Caziel’s adherence to Abstraction was a natural acceptance of the result of his logical and emotional development, instead of a choice merely based aesthetic grounds. As such, Caziel’s statement of ‘I am abstract’ instead of ‘I am an Abstractionist’ is all telling.  Caziel’s annual submissions to the ‘salon de mai’ during 1948-1956, where his work was shown alongside Vasarely, Hartung and Manessier confirmed his progress in his dedication to the abstract cause.


By 1963, Caziel’s paintings show long streaks of colour, the effect of which is reminiscent of the ‘déchirage’ technique. Over the next five years, Caziel applied rich colours and textures against white or black backgrounds, in an attempt to experience the different levels and interoperations of an essential idea and phenomenon.


Whitford Fine Art has been representing Caziel’s Estate since 1994.



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