Fin de Siècle

Symbolist, Vienna Secession, Salon & Academy 1900, Belle Epoque
Fin de Siècle: Symbolist, Vienna Secession, Salon & Academy 1900, Belle Epoque
Publisher: Whitford and Hughes
£ 20.00

Louise Whitford Gallery.


As in everything else there are fashions in Art. What is considered sublime for one generation often becomes commonplace to the second and even comic to the third. Alas, this is true of many aspects of painting at the turn of the century. Yet no proscription is forever; no oblivion permanent.

The finest examples of 'Fin de Siècle' art have always been rare. The artists themselves were not prolific since the technical ground work, literary interpretation and emotional commitments were more time consuming that the spontaneity of the Impressionists. In this field individual masterpieces should be sought for their peculiar magic and quality rather that for their respective signatures. We hope that this catalogue will encourage further involvement in the period and help to unfold the blind of prejudice. 

David Hughes 
Adrian Mibus,

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