The Grand Play of Light

Caziel Art & Life
Jenny Perry, 1997
The Grand Play of Light: Caziel Art & Life
Publisher: AM Publications
Dimensions: 29 x 22 cm
Pages: 68
ISBN: 0-9509896-1-4
£ 25.00

Kazimierz Josef Zielenkiewicz (Caziel) was born in Poland in 1906, spent the major years of his artistic development in France, and finally settled in England where he died in 1988. His painting developed through a synthesis of many diverse elements into an individual form of 'Cubism' Abstraction, based on personal experience. As he said, "I know I invent nothing. It is nature which speaks in me....I believe I am influenced too by the grand play of light in nature. I go into the studio, I begin to work under its spell. Perhaps that is the strongest compulsion."

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