Belgian Paintings 1880-1930

Belgian Paintings 1880-1930
Publisher: Whitford and Hughes
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Whitford and Hughes. £10.00


At a time of major reappraisals of Modern art movement, Belgium has emerged as one of the most active and interesting artistic centres in Europe. Wrestling with limited means of propaganda and for many years overshadowed by France and Germany, the depth and quality of Belgian art has, in the last few years, been rediscovered by historians, critics and collectors.

This exhibition brings together thirteen outstanding paintings, each illustrating an example of the wide variety and the supreme quality of Belgian art in the period 1880 - 1930. Its highlights the distinctive and autonomous character of the different personalities and styles, as well as the country's mixed heritage and cultural division.

Such works underline the intrinsic merit of Belgian art. They reflect its evolution in relation to other European countries as well as its genuine and worthy contribution to the development of Modern art.

Ghida Khairallah

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