In Search of a New Reality
Caziel: In Search of a New Reality
Publisher: Whitford Fine Art
Dimensions: 26.5 x 20 cm
Pages: 22
£ 12.00

Works from this period, 1948-1954, represent Caziel's departure from figuratively informed cubism, and the start of his search for a new abstract language. Having met Picasso in 1948, they shared a studio in Paris for the following five years. Over this period Caziel exhibited alongside Vasarely, Manessier and Hartung at the Salon de Mai, annually submitting works which show reverence for the early cubist innovations of Braque and Picasso through which he arrived at his own personal brand of abstraction. 

This exhibition brings together some of the most important and inspiring works from Caziel's early abstract period, from a time when he was at the centre of the Post-War Parisian art scene. In search of a new dimension, his art transcends the natural stimulus of figuration, bringing to life an unseen world punctuated by nuances in colour, texture and form, yet always humanistic in intention. These works represent the start of Caziel's journey into abstraction, a route which he would follow with inexhaustible passion for the rest of his life.

Max Stiegler



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