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Frances Hodgkins

Whitford and Hughes, 1990. £10.00

One of my theories is that a good picture will out like MURDER - This faith has kept me from despair Frances Hodgkins, 1945.

This exhibition has been arranged as part of a wide-ranging programme of events to commemorate in Britain the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi and the founding of New Zealand as it is today. Frances Hodgkins was born in 1869 in Dunedin scarcely twenty years after the city was founded and New Zealand itself was still a newly-minted colony. When she died in 1947 in Dorset, her homeland was an independent nation within the British Commonwealth.

Frances Hodgkins' life was divided between the two countries. She was one of the first generation of New Zealand expatriates and mad a significant contribution to the development of Britain's culture. No artist better encapsulates the many currents between New Zealand, Britain and Europe and so readily makes us aware the currents ran both ways.

Sir Alan Traill GBE, QSO, MA
UK/NZ 1990 Committee