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Daniel Spoerri (Swiss 1930)

Daniel Spoerri is a master of Assemblage associated with the Fluxus movement.

He was also one of the original signers of the manifesto of the 'Nouveau Réalisme' movement. Typically Spoerri captures a group of objects, such as the remains of meals eaten by individuals, including the plates, silverware and glasses, all of which are fixed to the table or board, which is then displayed on a wall. These works he defined as 'snare-pictures' (tableaux-piège): objects found in chance positions, in order or disorder (on tables, in boxes, drawers, etc.) are fixed ('snared') as they are. Only the plane is changed: since the result is called a picture, what was horizontal becomes vertical. Spoerri continued to make 'snare-pictures' until well into the 1990s. He also has created assemblage works, mounting objects on reproductions of 19th century medical illustrations as backgrounds.