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Günther Uecker (German b.1930)

In the late 50s Uecker came in contact with the group ZERO, the international art movement founded by Heinz Mack and Otto Piene that propagated a new beginning of art in opposition to the German Art Informel. Few years later, Uecker was working with Mack and Piene in joint studios at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. His main interest was the effects of light and optical phenomena together with series of structures in the realms of oscillation, which actively integrate the viewer and enable him to influence the visual process by kinetic or manual interference.

In 1966 the group ZERO dissolved, and, since then, Uecker increasingly used nails as an artistic means of expression - a material, which, until today, stands in the centre of his oeuvre. Having started by hammering nails into pieces of furniture, musical instruments and household objects, he then began combining nails with the theme of light, creating his series of light and kinetic nails works characterised by strong compositions of repetitive patterns and primal in their forms and texture.