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Christine Yukenbarri (Aboriginal b.1977)

Christine is the youngest daughter of leading Balgo artist Helicopter Tjungurrayi and the late Lucy Yukenbarri. She has been painting since late 2000 and has produced innovative and distinctive works, both in paint and glass. Her themes include Witjinti (soakwater) and Mungari (bush food). She learned to paint by watching her mother and she paints her mother's country in the Great Sandy Desert. Both Christine's sisters, Carmel and Imelda, are painters too. Christine is one of Warlayirti's brightest emerging artists. She has been nurtured and supported by her father, family and Warlayirti Artists to develop her career and this support network has allowed her to develop a style that is uniquely her own, yet with an obvious influence from her mother.

Stephen Williamson, former Art Centre Manager at Warlayirti Artists, in June 2005 said:

Christine at the age of 28, achieves a freedom in her paintings not dissimilar to the early works of Napanangka, however Christine has developed a uniqueness all her own. This is seen in the variety of compositions created and the subtle or bold use of colour. Christine builds up her paintings with layer upon layer of thick impasto paint coupled with intricate dotting and symbols. The works evoke energy, tension and subtlety all at once as they capture the essence of country. She is not afraid to experiment with composition or colour and now regularly mixes her own colours - her confidence as an artist exceeds her years. The colour combinations used create a beautiful balance, depth and complexity within each painting. While each painting is unique, it draws elements from previous works enabling the artist to constantly develop her painting style and repertoire. For Christine and Carmel painting surely maintains a bond between them and their mother and a strong connection with their father - ultimately defining who they are.
2007, Finalist Xstrata Coal Emerging Indegenous Art Award 2007, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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