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Natalia Goncharova (Russian 1881-1962)

As a painter, Natalia Gontcharova was, together with her lifelong companion the artist MikhaLarionov, the founder of Rayonism, a Russian movement.

Rayonism central feature consists of dynamically interacting linear forms ultimately derived from rays of light and combined to create a two-dimensional representation of reflected light; to this end, its most powerful tools are colour and line. It presents similarities both with Kandinski's painting approach and the style of the Italian Futurists. Although short-lived, Rayonism proved to be a crucial step in the development of Russian abstract art.
work shows the influence of Matisse, Gauguin, and C├ęzanne whose styles she became familiar with during her time in Paris. As member of numerous art associations, Gontcharova participated in many exhibitions; her first one-woman show was in August 1913.