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Georges Valmier (French 1885-1937)

Valmier was a pioneer of Cubism, exploring the style independently from Braque and Picasso, from as early as 1909. Known for his intricately fragmented compositions, Valmier also replaced the traditionally sombre tones of Cubism with more vibrant colours in daring harmonies. His work was championed by the legendary Parisian art dealer Léonce Rosenberg, who hosted his first one-mans show in 1921. Rosenberg often chose to illustrate Valmier's Cubist works in the 'Bulletin de l'Effort Moderne'.

During the late 1920s Valmier became preoccupied with religion and metaphysics, creating Abstract pictorial harmonies in an attempt to express his soul. Alongside Arp, Gleizes, and Vantongerloo, Valmier was founding member of the Abstraction-Création group. After his premature death, Valmier's oeuvre became the source of inspiration for scores of Abstract painters.