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Kim Hamisky (French 1943-2002)

Trained as a painter, Hamisky started as a lyrical abstractionist, applying craft techniques such as carved wood or lacquer in order to give his work an aspect of perfection. His paintings displayed a marvellously impeccable surface through which the background was visible, thus creating the impression of a tear or accident to the painting.

In 1969, as the son-in-law of Claude and Fran├žois-Xavier Lalanne, his attention inevitably turned to sculpture. Over the years, key to his iconography was the alteration of the practicality of objects as well as the reference to a previous human action, as is brilliantly displayed in his famous bronze 'Knot' and Le Complex de Janus.

During the 1980s, Hamisky made a series of human heads, often using Japanese theatre or the Art Deco style as a point of departure. His heads recall mythological archetypes as well as powerful magic rituals.