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Mildred Bendall

Mildred Bendall (French/British 1891-1977)

Mildred Bendall made her way to Paris in 1927, where she attended the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Montparnasse. There she befriended Matisse and Marquet, whose Fauve paintings turned her eye to colour as means of expressing form. Under their influence Bendall widened her repertoire - the traditional, academic-style interior scenes, which she had learned to paint while at the École des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux gave way to a more liberated form of painting, focusing on the still-life genre.

As a frequent visitor to Matisse's home, Mildred Bendall met with his son Paul, who proposed to marry her. After some hesitation, Bendall refused and returned to Bordeaux, to concentrate on her 'new' painting of form through colour. Back in Bordeaux in 1928, Bendall founded the 'Société des Artistes Indépendants' and 'Le Studio', two movements which gathered young aspiring Bordelaise artists.

In addition to her active involvement in promoting the avant-garde in Bordeaux, Bendall kept in touch with her friends from Paris. In 1937 the Galerie de Paris, Faubourg St. Honoré exhibited twenty five flower paintings alongside works by Kees Van Dongen, Raoul Dufy and Max Jacob. Her success was confirmed with a purchase by the Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris.

During the 1930s Mildred Bendall found her own individual style, carefully composing her flower pieces, landscapes and harbour scenes with a basic structural insight imposed on her unrivalled feeling for colour.

Public collections include
Musée d'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux
Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris

Solo Exhibitions
2009, Mildred Bendall, Galerie du Post-Impressionism, Paris
2008, Mildred Bendall (1891-1977): a Retrospective Exhibition, Partridge Fine Art, London (1-26 April)
1998, Mildred Bendall: Exhibition of Selected Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings, Whitford Fine Art, London (6 -29 May)
1996, A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by Mildred Bendall, Whitford Fine Art, London (6 June - 5 July)
1987, Mildred Bendall: An Exhibition of Selected Works from the Artist's Studio, Whitford and Hughes, London (19 Oct. - 27 Nov)
1981, Mildred Bendall 1891-1978: Rétrospective, Peintures, Société Artistique de la ville de Mérignac, Mérignac (24 April - 30 May)
1961, Galerie du Fleuve, Bordeaux (Studies of Eyzies Grottos)
1960, Peintures récentes de Mildred Bendall, Galerie du Fleuve, Bordeaux (8 - 23 Oct)
1958, Mildred Bendall, Galerie de l'Ami des Lettres, Bordeaux
1955, Mildred Bendall, Galerie de l'Ami des Lettres, Bordeaux (3 - 16 Dec)
1954, Bendall, Bateaux-Bouquets, Galerie de l'Ami des Lettres, Bordeaux
1951, Mildred Bendall, Galerie de l'Ami des Lettres, Bordeaux
1942, Bendall, Galerie Chappe-Lautier, Toulouse
1937, 25 Bouquets de Mildred Bendall, Galerie de Paris, Paris (5 - 20 May)

Group Exhibitions
1961, Cheval, Galerie du Fleuve, Bordeaux; Fleurs, Galerie du Fleuve, Bordeaux; Hommage aux Provinces Francaises, Casino Bellevue, Biarritz
1960, L'eau, Galerie du Fleuve, Bordeaux
1955, Le Regard, Bordeaux
1955/29, Salon des Indépendants bordelais, Société des Artistes Indépendants, Bordeaux
1944, Salon des Provinces françaises, Paris
1944/40, Salon des sociétés artistiques de Bordeaux, Bordeaux
1935/12, Salon des Amis des Arts, Bordeaux
1927/21/20, Salon des Artistes français, Paris
1914, Salon de l'Union Féminine, Bordeaux